New Image In Google Earth

For the lovers of Google Earth, now you can see some Satellite imagery that is quite new on the big cities on the world, the ones is the Holy city Mecca. One week ago, the city is still using the mecca Satellite imagery taken around 2006. Now the image displayed is the Satellite images taken in December 2007, as the images shown on the status of each location, which is located at the bottom of the display Google Earth.

But not so with the city of Medina, the image that appears on the site is still images taken in 2006. Perhaps because there is no changes in Madinah, not like in the city of Mecca that has started to change.

Unfortunately, the latest images of the holy city of Mecca, less sharp on the masjidil haram, taken vary with the year 2006, where the picture of masjidil¬† haram with the ka’aba in the centre is so clearly visible. But some of the mosques that are renovated, it appears clearly visible, for example, a location sa’i between shafa and marwa, and the location of the expansion of the mosque has been demolished several buildings nearby. This includes a new image area and Mina `Arafat.

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