Windows7 transformation pack 2009

Windows 7 Pre-Beta Build copy was distributed via torrent and rapid*share recently to thousands of Windows enthusiasts who can’t wait to see features that are going to be unveiled in the upcoming Windows operating system. With enormous exposure it gets from online community and the blogosphere we can expect more stuffs related to Windows to make their appearance.
It doesn’t take long for Windows users to see Windows 7 Transformation Pack around. This pack contains almost everything for the transformation which include Windows 7 theme, start menu, wallpaper and many more. Here is a list of things included in the Windows 7 Transformation Pack:

* Windows Se7en Visual Style
* Windows Se7en Blaero Start Orb
* Windows Se7en Start Menu
* Windows Se7en Styler TB
* Windows Se7en Pie Dock
* Windows Se7en Wallpapers

So guys, here is your chance to grab Windows 7 Transformation Pack 2009 which contains the new looks of Windows 7.

Download here

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